Alan Dershowitz: Jews Have Earned The Right To Influence The Public



  1. עוז in that pasuk refers to the Torah. It is Torah through its talmidei chachomim which is מרבה שלום בעולם.

  2. I like Alan a lot this cant be taken to far because we are in Golus. but agree not to be apologetic and defenitly not to mean it .

  3. Allen Dershowitz of Lakewood says, My dear cousin don’t forget we are in Golus, we must not show ourselves to the gentile world.

  4. Sadly it’s the secular Jews who’ve indeed influenced the public – with their corruptions. Most mainstream media is run by secular corrupt Jews, Hollywood is run by secular corrupt Jews, many CEO are secular corrupt Jews, as well as many elite in the Deep State.

    And peace in Israel will not come by “strength” but will come when Jews will realize that Israel is a G-d given land to the Jews according to Torah, the same Torah that demands every Jew to heed it properly.


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