Al Gore Warns: UN Climate Change Report Shows ‘We Have A Global Emergency’


Former Vice President Al Gore said Friday that the United Nations’ new report on climate change demonstrates that the world is experiencing a “global emergency.”

“We have a global emergency,” Gore said in an interview on PBS NewsHour. “You use a phrase like that and some people immediately say, ‘okay calm down, it can’t be that bad.’ But it it is.”

“What the scientists have warned us in this recent report is that if we do not take action quickly … then consequences down the road would be far, far worse than what we’re experiencing now,” Gore added, stating that climate change could become an existential threat to civilization based on the report’s findings.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. hes right.
    I think what he needs to do is fly around the world multiple times in his private jet, and stay in his huge mansions, and that will cure the problem of global warming.

  2. All gudeliguuck. No facts. No reports. No solutions. Al is just talking gibberish. If he is truly concerned about mans footprint, he should shut his planet destroying compound in Tennessee.

  3. Isn’t this the Global Emergency that you and the rest of your elite friends have built underground bunkers for? Time to scramble underground. Are you waiting for billions of people to actually see it in another few weeks and then force their way into your bunkers? You can even make Hillary president there.

  4. Harvey, Irma and Michael are not fake news and it seems to be accelerating, and just about at the rate that the global warming people are predicting. No joke, nothing to be shrugged off.

    • Indeed no joke because Nibiru / Planet X is closer than you think causing all these earth changes and climate changes which Al Gore and the scientists he mentions know about. Read up about it because Fake News will not report on it yet, until probably the beginning of Nov when it’ll get really close – and scary. Unless you want to call it “conspiracy” and prefer to stick your head in the sand.

      • I’m the first to mock the tinfoil-hat brigade, but I don’t consider the climate change crew to be among them. I think it’s *extremely* unfortunate that this debate has become politicized, with the right and the left taking predictable positions, and I don’t have the knowledge to offer an informed opinion of my own, but there are enough distinguished scientists and climateologists raising this as a real concern that I can’t just dismiss it out of hand.

  5. Hey uncle Al, I have a space where you can park your private jet and retire it there. Don’t profess to me how I shall live my life in misery while you and your crony “kings” laugh at our plight from high above in your private polution producing factory (private jet).

  6. Barn goy with happy barn pictures. I think he forgot we have oxen. Smart world. We might never like his conversation because he is not intelligent by bible.

    Proverbs 14:4. Learn why Hashem did not make the world as polite as Al Gore. Its just the way it is.



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