Al Gore Goes Nuts in Aspen Speech


goreGlobal warming crusader Al Gore lost his cool and dropped several profanities in a recent speech accusing climate change skeptics of manipulating the media.

Addressing the Aspen Institute in Colorado on Aug. 4, the former vice president declared that skeptics “pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: ‘This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Manmade CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes.[Profanity]! ‘It may be sunspots.’ [Profanity]! ‘It’s not getting warmer.’ [Profanity]!”

The Hot Air Network’s Green Room website, which reported the outburst, observed: “It would almost be fascinating to listen to Gore lash out at those who harbor an opposing view if it weren’t so pathetic.”

New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser was even harder on Gore: “Has the guru of global warming, the Bozo of ozone and pooh-bah of the probably-not-so-endangered polar bear, gone completely off his bleeping rocker?

“I’m talking about Al Gore, the former vice president who, after losing the White House, reinvented himself as a minor deity – a Gulfstream-riding, energy-slurping champion of Planet Earth.”

Peyser noted that Gore continued his “potty-mouthed tirade” with this comment: “It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the [Profanity] word ‘climate.'”

Marc Morano, a skeptic of manmade global warming, refuted Gore’s allegations on his Climate Depot website.

One study he cited noted that a lack of volcanic dust in the atmosphere could be responsible for a rise in average global temperatures since the 1960s.

Several other studies linked solar activity and the sunspot cycle with the earth’s temperatures.

And Morano referred to a “peer-reviewed admission that ‘global surface temperatures did not rise between 1998 and 2008.'”

Gore and other global warming crusaders assert that an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere due to a rise in emissions is responsible for a continuing rise in global temperatures.

But Climate Depot maintains: “It is not simply the sun or CO2 when looking at global temperatures, it is the sun, volcanoes, tilt of the earth’s axis, water vapor, methane, clouds, ocean cycles, land use, etc. Climate change is governed by hundreds of factors, or variables, not just CO2.”

Peyser pointed out that scientist Charles Monnett, who had claimed that melting polar ice caps had led to the death of polar bears, was being investigated for possible scientific misconduct by the federal agency that employs him.

“The population of fuzzy friends has actually quintupled since 1950,” Peyser writes.

“Couple that with NASA’s revelation that the earth is letting more heat escape the planet than alarmists previously thought, blowing a hole in warming hysteria. Toss it all together, and you’ve got one nutty Gore.”

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    NOW, he finally hit on something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When he says: accusing climate change skeptics of manipulating the media.

  2. The guy has yet to realize he sounds like a lunatic when he goes on his rants. The more he does it, the crazier he sounds. No self respecting person wants to be perceived as a nut.

  3. You all think he’s nuts. The man is genius! He convinced the whole world of a bubbe maaseh (man made global warming) and has made mega millions off of it!!

  4. The (very low) level of intelligence displayed by the commenters above is astonishing. Global warming is a fact, whatever we think of Mr. Gore.

  5. Here is an interesting point about nivul peh. Society (unzere and others) is full of people who put on an act of being fine, intelligent, good, “upper-crust” members of society when inside they truly are nothing of the sort. Filthy language is a clear indicator of this double life, for those of us mere mortals who cannot see into a person’s soul. When I hear it my assessment of the person I am dealing with sinks below sea level.

  6. I voted for him 11 years ago, and don’t regret it. Because his policies seemed preferable over Bushes and he was the first person to run for the white house with a Jew as his running mate, a little hakuras hatov, us yiden should have to him over this. And his policies were nothing like Bushes, or Obamas for that matter, much more sensable and practical. Now his current approach to the global climate is dead wrong, but what do you expect from someone out of a job, who found himself a great parnusa. Anybody would be upset if his parnusa seems to be going under, or under threat. And so lets not judge the language. But the global climate approach is a sensational gimick, nothing less. And it’s just his parnusa, and his language is his frustration, over the threat of him loosing his parnusa.

  7. To #10
    Interesting how you dismiss everyone else as having very low intelligence and say global warming os a “fact.” Oh really? Have you open-mindedly studied the data on both sides? Have you read up on the research and opinions of the myriad scientists (yes, reputable scientists in the hundreds across the globe – not “paid pseudo-scientists” as Gore calls them)who counter these theories? (By the way, it’s interesting to note that so far the ONLY scientists who have been found- – i.e. proven and/ or admitted – – to have skewed, omitted, or misrepresented data have ALL been those from the “climate change” camp, and NONE have been from the opposing camp…Isn’t that interesting? Now why would they need to omit data or lie about the population growth of polar bears or misrepresent other data if their theory, namely Global Warming, was a fact???) Have you also researched and found ANY credible (i.e. that has not been disproven or shown to be lacking in evidence) that the warming, if any, is man-caused? Are you aware that there have been warming and cooling cycles spanning decades or even centuries but that cannot yet be tracked precisely due to the lack of sufficient historical data? Oh, but I see, we’re all of very low intelligence, unread, stupid people who follow what we’re told without question?? Sounds to me like the pot calling the kettle black!

  8. To anonymous 10: Global warming in the from 1980-1998 has been proven. Global cooling from the 30s until the 70s has also been proven. The last 13 years (1998-2011) have featured global cooling again, even with continued increase of CO2 being released. So we have cycles. Man-made Global warming during ANY period of time has NEVER been proven.
    I would never call other commenters “low level intelligence”. But your lack of well rounded research has me very tempted!!

  9. The world has definitely seen weather changes, but, what can we or should we be doing about it anyway? Any G-d fearing Jew knows that before Moshiach comes there will be great changes in the world, including unusual weather. If we are concerned, we should do teshuva, not do scientific speculation.

  10. Al Gore is stressed and needs to apologize for making a mistake, but he is basically a good guy who is actually correct. The more you take a stand for something on a public level, the more they will try to knock you down. It is not easy to endure.


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