Airstrike on Aleppo Hospital While World Watched Gaza


syria-hospital-strikeBy Pesach Benson

While everyone watched Israel and Hamas slug it out, the Syrian civil war continued.

So you can be forgiven for missing a Syrian airstrike on a hospital in Aleppo.

The media wrung its hands over Palestinian casualties – collateral damage, thanks to Hamas using Shifa Hospital as cover for rocket launches and intentionally embedding itself in populated areas.

Now that the foreign press corps in Israel and Gaza have set the bar on concern for civilian casualties, will we see a similar level of righteous indignation at Syria?

Or do only Palestinians enjoy disproportionate coverage?


{ Newscenter}


  1. We are alone in this world. Why aren’t these press articles sent to the news media. why are we the only ones that read these news items ? We have to publicize this unfair reporting by the world news media. Let the people the worldwide know the truth.

  2. Get it through your heads, Esav Sonei Lyaakov! However, when Hakol Kol Yaakov then the Ydei Esav have no power, so let’s start praying!


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