Air Force Spent $675K on Melania Trump’s Flights Before White House Move


Melania Trump’s 21 flights to be with President Trump over a three-month period before she moved into the White House last year cost the Air Force (and U.S. taxpayers) more than $675,000, according to military records obtained by The Wall Street Journal. Air Force jets flew the first lady to New York City, Florida, and Washington, D.C. during the time she and was still living in New York City’s Trump Tower while Barron Trump was finishing the fifth grade.

At least 19 flights were made to La Guardia Airport and nine to Palm Beach International to shuttle Mrs. Trump to and from her home, the White House, and the Trump Organization’s Mar-a-Lago resort in South Florida. The planes she typically took on these trips cost “$10,075 an hour to fly,” according to the Defense Department hourly rates. Read more at THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.



  1. And how many dollars did the previous presidents waste on flights? It seems every one is joining the band wagon called blame Trump. I asked how much money did the last president spend on flights ( remember Obama) and everyone complained because he would take one trip,, and she would take one trip and the girls would take one trip, etc. . and most of the time they were all different trips. and some times they would take splits trips at the same time at the same place. We should stop whining, all the presidents do the same thing it is now just called joining the band wagon to blame Trump.

  2. This is crazy! Regardless of which party is in power, these taxpayer expenses are absurd. This is really not fair. Why do we have to work hard just to pay for some lady to fly around town and the world? Just like any other human being, let it come out of THEIR paycheck. Are we that worthless?

  3. We finally have a LEGALLY ELECTED MAGA President who’s working on behalf of the American citizens and making America great again, the least we can do for him is give The First Lady what she needs and what she deserves. May Hashem protect him and save him.

    For the records, Obama’s wife have 6 times the amount of servants and spent much more on flights and other expenses.


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