Air Force One’s Installing $24 Million Refrigerators


Air Force One is upgrading its refrigerators, and the cost to taxpayers will be a cool $24 million.

Under a new government contract awarded to Boeing, the U.S. Air Force will pay the aeronautics behemoth $23,657,671 to replace two of the five chiller units on the plane currently used by President Donald Trump.

Both of those units, which are used to store food, were installed on the plane when it was originally delivered in 1990, according to the Air Force. Increasingly, however, the plane has needed additional cold food storage space “to support onboard personnel for an extended period of time, without having to restock while abroad,” Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said in an email.

“The [old] units were based on the technology at the time and designed for short-term food storage,” Stefanek said. “Although serviced on a regular basis, reliability has decreased with failures increasing, especially in hot/humid environments. The units are unable to effectively support mission requirements for food storage.”

The new refrigerator units will have nearly 70 cubic feet of storage space, she said.

(c) 2018, The Washington Post · Amy B Wang 



  1. For 24 mil, you should be able to buy an entire airplane, not just a walk in refrigerator. Must have been made by the government-obligatory union labor, using non-carbon-footprint materials, with some kickbacks to the appropriate bureaucrats.

    • Not included in this article, but included in others I saw, pointed out that these fridges needed to hold enough food for everyone onboard in case of a nuclear apocalypse. To summarize, giant airborne fridges resistant to nuclear fallout that can keep enough food for a hundred people cold for a week. So $12 million apiece isn’t really so crazy.


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