Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Respond ‘Decisively’ to U.S., Israel Attacks


ahmadinejadIranian President Ahmadinejad warned that he would respond harshly to any attempts by Israel or the United States to launch a war against the Islamic republic in an interview with Russia Today news network on Shabbos, saying Iran would give a “decisive response” to any strike.”We have a saying in our language: If someone throws a smaller stone (at you), you should respond with a bigger stone,” the Iranian president said, adding, “we will defend ourselves within our capabilities.”

Ahmadinejad told the Russian news network that the U.S. and Israel “wish to do it (launch an attack against Iran), they want to do it, but they know about our power. They know that we are going to give them a decisive response.”

Despite this warning, the Iranian leader expressed hope in the interview that such a reality would never materialize, claiming there is no reason to launch a strike against Iran.

Ahmadinejad then went on to accuse Israel of being a regime that depends on terror, occupation and aggression.

The international community has called on Iran to halt its nuclear program, leveling sanctions against the Islamic country, however, Iran claims the program is for peaceful purposes and continues to enrich uranium.

Earlier this year, former Mossad head Meir Dagan said that an air force strike against Iran’s nuclear installations would be “a stupid thing.”

Dagan claimed that Iran has a secret infrastructure for its nuclear program which is working in parallel with the legitimate, civilian program, but only the latter is under international inspection.

“Any strike against that [the civilian program] is an illegal act according to international law,” Dagan said. Dagan says that contrary to the situation in Iraq in which the nuclear plant of Saddam Hussein was bombed in 1981, Iran has dispersed its nuclear sites across the country, making an effective attack difficult. He added that Iran has a proven ability to move its nuclear infrastructures from place to place, in order to hide them from international inspectors and intelligence services.

“If someone in Iran decides to build a laboratory for centrifuges [for uranium enrichment] in the basement of some school he has no problem doing this,” Dagan said.

Dagan warned that an air force strike against Iran has “potential for significant complications and it is best to avoid war(s) with non-beneficial results and also those with no lasting effect. It is important to remember that war is only one option among many alternatives.”

{Haaretz/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Don’t let that big rock you pick up Mr. Achmadinijad be so big that you drop it on your own toe as I predict you will be dealt with swiftly in the future by all of the civilized western nations in regard to your own incapacity to lead and form a positive experience for the human race.

  2. He does have a nice smile & he does it often. Intersting. Most of the “hate’rs” through out history, never smiled & were always bitter. Hitler, Stalin, Breshnev, Carter, Gore, Dan Rather, etc… never smiled & were always bitter. This guy always seems to be happy. Maybe all these threats are just fakes. Who knows. Very strange!

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