Agudath Israel Welcomes Florida Supreme Court Vindication of Scholarship Tax Credit Program

Agudath Israel of America, a longtime supporter of Florida’s scholarship tax credit program, welcomed the Florida Supreme Court ruling on Wednesdaywhich upheld the dismissal of a teachers’ union lawsuit and refused to hear the appeal.
“Exactly one year since the historic 11,000 person rally in Tallahassee with Martin Luther King III, Florida’s students were once again vindicated by the courts,” said Agudath Israel’s Florida director, Rabbi Moshe Matz. “More than 95,000 low-income students, including those in Jewish schools, benefit from the scholarship tax credit program. Today, parents can finally rest easy knowing that their scholarships are here to stay.”


  1. It was won on a technicality that those suing had no standing to sue. So it was a victory, but doesn’t really set precedent for other similar programs.


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