Agudath Israel Reissues Kaporos Kol Korei


Reissuing a Rabbinic statement (Kol Korei) that was first published ten years ago and that remains relevant today, Agudath Israel of America is calling upon the community to exercise care regarding the custom of kapporos before Yom Kippur.

Given the size of the community, and the large volume of chickens that will be handled in the upcoming days, the practice of kapporos needs to be conducted in a manner that ensures that proper standards of kashrus, cleanliness, and humane treatment of animals, as defined by halacha, are met. This can be achieved by patronizing only those establishments that are under appropriate rabbinic supervision.



  1. I plan on using a Braekel chicken this year. After twirling it around my head many times I will have it schechted and I will eat it.

  2. Erev Rosh Hashanah 5779 ” BS”D
    Kaparos Alert: According to Rav Y. S. Eliyashev, Z”L, chickens must be fed every 24 hours. Some of the Kaparos do not feed their chickens but send them back to the slaughter. The chickens were fed last at 9:00 PM Tuesday night, they will be shechted Thursday . One must feed his chickens before he may eat, therefore one may not eat after 9:00 PM after the Taanis, till sometime on Thursday after the Shechita. ALERT! About 25-35% arrive to the shechita, dead and you were not yoi’tzei kaparos.
    Do all your inquiries of the TAT Kaparos re: above. See the letter of the Lakewood Rabbonim.
    NOTE: Schwartz’s and Mehadrin Kaparos do not have the above concerns.


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