Agudath Israel in Overdrive to Stop Same-Gender Marriage Legislation


agudath-israel-emblemAgudath Israel Of America has blasted out an “urgent legislative alert” about the New York marriage bill a short time ago, signed by Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, executive vice president and Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz, vice president for community services:”It now appears that the New York State Legislature is poised to vote, probably this week, on a bill that would legalize same-gender marriage. This bill is both morally and legally unacceptable, and could lead to serious negative consequences. Several Agudath Israel askonim are currently in Albany, conveying these concerns to key legislators, but it is important that Albany hears from our grassroots constituency as well.

“The battleground for this legislation is likely to be in the New York State Senate. We therefore urge you to take a minute right now and:

“1. Call your State Senator and leave the message that you are deeply opposed to legalizing same-gender marriage and will be watching to see how the Senator votes on this important issue. To be connected to your State Senator, or if you don’t know who your State Senator is, call the Senate operator at 518-455-2800.

“2. Call Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (518-455-3171), and leave the message that, as leader of the Republican majority in the State Senate, he should make every effort to ensure that the Senate continues to stand firm against same-gender marriage.
“Together, with Hashem’s help, we can still help defeat this pernicious legislation.”

{ Newscenter}


  1. two things:

    1) we better do all we can to stop this. We don’t need another deterioration of society legalized

    2) It could affect anyone. Even YOU

  2. Because Chazal say that the Mabul was caused by same gender marriage. Moreover, this up to vote NOW-not abortion, or other vices.

  3. #4
    And because Chazal say that is the lowest level a society can reach and still have a right to exist (after this they lose their right to exist.)

  4. Thanks to this news item, I called the offices of both my state senator and the senate majority leader. It takes seconds. Do it.


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