Agudas Yisroel: Bris Ban in San Francisco is “Unprecedented Assault on Americans’ Freedom of Religion”


bris-milahThe following is a statement from Agudas Yisroel of America:

That nearly 8000 San Francisco residents were willing to endorse the placing of an anti-circumcision measure on November’s ballot is deeply troubling to Agudath Israel of America and its constituents.

Circumcision, whether performed by a medical professional or a qualified mohel, is a procedure performed thousands of times each day, and has been performed, at least among the Jewish people, for thousands of years. Jews of divergent religious affiliations, as well as Muslims and others, consider the act of circumcision to be a religious obligation. In the Jewish faith, it stands as a singularly important rite.

This quest to interfere with the parent-child relationship and the religious practices of countless Jews, Muslims and others represents an unprecedented assault on Americans’ freedom of religion. The San Francisco proposal should be roundly and soundly defeated by a large majority of that city’s voters, who cherish liberty and its protection. We trust that such will happen.

{ Newscenter}


  1. you can have an abortion in San Francisco on a 5 or 6 ot 7 month old baby but you soon may not perform a circumcision on an 8 day old 9 month baby.


  2. How about all jews and others who do circumcisions leave san francisco . And leave it underpopulatd like detroit .

  3. As you know the world is coming to an end around Shalosh Seudos time tommorrow…see yah @ lag baomer bon fire
    but all kidding aside HKBH doesn’t like this messing around with his creations and do i hear an Earthquake coming back to finish off what he started in 1908?

  4. Let’s not over react.

    San Fransicko has a law allowing ANY citizen to place an initiative on the ballot with just 7168 signatures. This doesn’t mean it is going to be voted in as law by the citizens. And if it does, it will be immediately challenged in court.


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