Age Of The Single-Space Parking Meter Ends In New York City


nyc-meterTime’s up for parking meters in New York City. Department of Transportation workers removed the last single space parking meter in Manhattan today – 60 years after the city’s first meter was installed in Harlem.

It’s part of the process to convert the entire city to the Muni-Meter system.

A DOT spokesman says the new meters are better because they take credit cards and require less maintenance.

All remaining single-space meters outside of Manhattan will be replaced with muni-meters by the end of next year.

A few of the old poles will be converted to bike racks.

The city will also be launching a Request for Proposals to sell decommissioned single-space meters as memorabilia.

{WCBS 880 Radio NY/ Newscenter}


  1. I hate the munis! The credit card option often doesn’t work. And, for a parent with children in the car it’s very hard: has to run to the nearest muni with kids in tow, then back to the car to place the ticket in the window, and then on to her destination. What do you do, leave the kids in the car or run back and forth with them? Now what if it’s pouring rain?! Hate those things…

  2. The real reason for muni meters is that the city makes more money
    Gone are the days when you can park on the remainder of the quarter the last guy put in.
    All the people that voted for bloomberg are paying dearly


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