Again? Another Storm Headed to East Coast


sandyThe National Weather Service is forecasting another nor’easter that could hit the mid-Atlantic area and New England by Election Day and last until Thursday.

Thankfully, the new storm is expected to be weaker and less destructive than Hurricane Sandy. The major impact, which could include snowfall, is expected to strike northern New England, sparing the still-recuperating New York tristate area more devastation. Read about it at Business Insider.

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  1. Heartbreaking to see, but I guess if we didn’t wake up enough with the first warning with the Franken-storm Hashem sent us, so we have to suffer another storm, not nice to compare but Pharaoh and the Mitzriyim also didn’t wake up from the Makos, so Hashem had to keep on pounding them with many more hardships till they eventually drowned

    The storm and the warning we just had wasn’t very harsh to many of us, even though many suffered and some are still suffering, i.e. no electric, long lines at gas stations and after waiting four hours in line they tell us “sorry body no more gas left” etc. I don’t get it haven’t we just lived through a massive storm of destruction, how can we ignore it? Hashem is literally begging us to make big changes in our lives in all aspects; he is trying so hard to wake us up from our deeeeep sleeeep, why we are still ignoring him? The proof that we are still ignoring him is that he is sending us another storm

    There are sections of the region that were damaged so badly beyond recognition, houses burned to the ground, basements flooded, structures damaged beyond recognition, no refrigeration, no freezer, no hot water for Erev Shabbos showers, no stability, Thousands are trying to find a place for Shabbos, Boruch Hashem web sites have been set up for Brooklyn and Lakewood to help them, but it’s not enough to handle the thousands who still don’t have power, who will be spending Shabbos in the cold and dark, many are freezing not being able to sleep because it’s so cold without the heating that we have this time of the year

    We have lost so many Rabonim, Roshai Yeshiva,s Gedolim, Rebbes, young children, young parents, so many NEW orphans, who are filling up our Shuls and saying Kaddish for their loved ones at such a young age, that’s enough to break my heart and make me cry out to Hashem saying “Hashem we are ready to live like a true Yid” get rid of our bad hobbits that the Yatzer Hora implanted inside of us

    The list goes on and on, how about the financial situation? NO JOBS, The rising cost of our simple everyday needs, like water, FOOD, batteries, gas, tuition, clothing, many services that we took for granted are becoming unaffordable

    We have entered a new era, a time that the world has changed completely from the way it was for the past 5772 years, our Hishtadlus is almost worthless, don’t we realize that with all the money in the world that thousands of us are ready to spend to get their electricity back on still they are totally helpless? No matter how wealthy we are, we are still helpless? For the big Chachomin (smartypants) who think they can control Hashem and the storm will not affect their electricity, by having generators, do they have sufficient gas or oil to run the generators? We all know that the answer is absolutely NOT; to them too Hashem is sending a message saying your money is worthless I won’t enable you to purchase enough gas or oil to run your generators, because I want you to turn back to me and do Teshuva!!! Help me to bring the Golus to an end hoping to see the Geulah and Moshiach today

    Take a quick look (online) to what happened at NYU they prepared all kind of generators and back ups, but at thee end it “all” failed and had to evacuate hundreds of sick patients

    Now a new storm is being forecasted and if we do a real Teshuva we can at least prevent it from hitting our region, I beg you my family and friends, Klall Yisroel of all ages, please wake up now before we loose many more homes etc. before we encounter more tragedies so we can make Hshehm proud of our new Derech our new and improved way of life to enable us to see the Bais HaMikdosh instead of another powerful rainstorm Chas VeSholom

    Please copy this and Email it to your friends and paste in public places as a Zechus to save yourself and your families
    Thank You

  2. we can still be saved from this tragic future if we start doing teshuva NOW-dont wait until after tragedy strikes C”V to accept Hashems wake-up call & say Hashem your right.

    let us start doing teshuva NOW before its too late….

    theres a limit how long Hashem will wait

    ninveh had only a few weeks

    the mabul had 100 years to wake up & do teshuva

    Purim had only a few months & boruch hashem they did teshuva & were saved.


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