After Verdict, Terrorist’s Family Promises to Sue Azaria and IDF “For Millions”


The family of Chevron terrorist Abdel Fattah el-Sharif announced today that it will demand that the State of Israel demolish the family home of IDF Sgt. Elor Azaria in retaliation for the soldier having killed the stabber, Hana Levi Julian reports for the Jewish Press.

As reported earlier on Matzav, Azaria was convicted in a military court today on charges of manslaughter in connection with the terrorist’s death.

The el-Sharif family vowed to sue Azaria, the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces “for millions” in civil damages, stating that they will “go to the International [Criminal] Court and punish the killer through all legal means.”

{ Israel}


  1. Believe the Arab family, since all the left wing NGO & BDS activists with J Street will escort him on his legal battle.
    Yemach Shemo!!!

  2. How much is the State of Israel willing to pay in order to “make a statement” … Clearly the price is the conviction of a young Jewish boy…Shame on them..

  3. Maybe Jeffrey dragnet should be allowed to sue as well what insanity from start to finish they name streets after murderers and we punish people for killing murderers what morality!

  4. This is the most insane scandle I’ve ever heard. In another country Azaria would have recieved a medal. The army should be boycotted if this is how the idf treats its soldiers. You can’t fight terrorists with kid gloves.

  5. Until this is soldier is vindicated with a full apology and a CLEAR statement by the IDF in support of all Chayalim and of unwavering determination to eradicate all active and POTENTIAL terrorists, I will cash out my Israel bonds and no longer purchase new ones.

  6. Let them sue. Israeli terror victims should also sue all terrorist living or dead. Also the soldiers parents should sue the military judge in this case for deleriction of duty and terminal stupidity and political correctness.

    Some Jews never learn. Trying to please the world doesn’t endear us to Umos Haolam. Just the opposite. Stand on the emes and you can’t go wrong.


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