After No School For Five Months for Twin Bnei Brak Girls, A Ray of Light


Thanks to the intervention of the Education Ministry’s chareidi department, askonim and media publicity, two twin girls from Bnei Brak Sanz community were accepted into high schools for the winter term, which began months ago in September. A lottery conducted by Bnei Brak Mayor Chanoch Ziebart between three schools ended with one girl being accepted by the Vizhnitz high school and the other by Belz. Teachers of the girls insisted that the two were excellent students and could not fathom the reason for the impasse.

“We turned over every stone,” the parents of the girls complained to Itzik Zahavi, director of the Education Ministry’s chareidi department. “There is no person with connections or in a senior position to whom we did not turn to, including rabbonim who issued instructions to accept our daughters. Every time we approached the mayor’s office we were delayed with excuses or told that the matter was being taken in hand.”

The Knesset Legislative Committee recently rejected a bill which would have made it illegal for schools to reject pupils and students on discriminatory grounds.

{ Israel News}


  1. The problem is that due to poor funding there aren’t enough schools and classes for the expanding frum population.

  2. Matzav cowardly blocked the comment about the obvious quality of the contemprary chinuch establishment. Can’t sweep under the rug anymore: it’s either spreading Torah to the entire Jewish people or whatever twisted agendas of the contemprary establishment. You can block me all you want, but each story like this brings more people to the same conclusion.


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