After CTE Study, NFLer Retires Early To Get His Phd

NFL: Baltimore Ravens OG John Urschel portrait Penn State University/State College, PA 4/13/2015 X159500 TK1 Credit: Steve Boyle

Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel retired from the NFL on Thursday at the age of 26.

A source explained that the results of a recent chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) study, which found symptoms of CTE in 99% of the NFL players brains studied, played a significant role in Urschel’s retirement.

Urschel is pursuing his doctorate in mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is a straight A student.

Urschel is a mathematician, and he said the head trauma after a 2015 concussion impacted his ability to think, according to Hensley: “I think it hurt my ability to think well mathematically. It took me about three weeks before I was football-ready. It took me a little bit longer before my high-level visualizations ability came back.” Read more at Bleacher Report.




  1. In general, one who has the brain in his foot does not have it in his head. However, there’s always an exception to the rule.

  2. The report brings Kenny Stabler as a proof?
    Are you kidding me? I mean seriously. Yes, the snake had some very good years in the 70’s. But he always had his furniture rearranged upstairs. The guy was always half in the bag.
    It’s not fare that I’m not in the hall of fame. I won 2 superbowls, was the MVP, and gornisht? Who can forget that 80 yard touchdown pass I thru to Kenny King in the superbowl? All time classic.


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