ADL: White Supremacist Incidents Increased by 258 Percent on US College Campuses Last Year


White supremacists spread their propaganda on US college campuses with increased frequency last year, newly-released data gathered by a leading civil rights organization shows.

The Anti-Defamation League recorded 147 incidents in which white supremacists targeted students with posters, fliers, stickers, and banners during the 2017 fall semester.

The figure represents a 258 percent increase over the 2016 fall semester, when 41 such incidents took place, the group said on Tuesday.

The propaganda may include calls to “save the white race,” and often demonizes minorities including Jews, Blacks, Muslims and immigrants.

Since September 2016, the ADL documented 346 incidents of white supremacist propagandist activity on 216 college and university campuses. Fifteen incidents have already occurred in 2018.

Campuses in Texas and California were most severely impacted, experiencing 61 and 43 incidents respectively in 2017.

by Algemeiner Staff



  1. Forever. Campus is the first street out of daddy’s house.

    These new adults are fierce hate. The jewish student can be. This is yet maybe a test. The jew ambitious enough to go to college will know people his whole life who were there to demonize him, hate his grade, encourage debauchery or just loosen his idea.

    Because you are is why Hashem. Daven and hope the secular jew gets it. It is.

    Root still. They go.

  2. This from the ADL who only know how to stick up for BLM thugs.

    Who can blame the white supremacists after 8 years of Obama who only backed BLM thugs and his Muslim brethren? About time Americans stand up for real Americans.
    Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP for trying to secure our borders.

  3. Does the adl track leftist anti semitism on campuses all those bdsers and and other anti Israel activism on campuses nationwide incidents which are through the roof rising steadly throughout the obmanations terms

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