Accused School Shooter Tried To Get $800k Inheritance Before Massacre


Accused Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz hired a lawyer to try to get his hands on a reported $800,000 inheritance almost two months to the day before his alleged killing spree, court records revealed Monday.

Cruz, 19, signed a retainer agreement with lawyer Audra Simovitch on Dec. 13 to pursue his share of the estate left by his late adoptive mom, Lynda Cruz, according to an order handed down by Broward County Probate Division Judge Charles Greene.

Under Florida law, Cruz wouldn’t be entitled to a free defense lawyer if he has or expects to have more than $2,500 in assets other than a home and a vehicle.


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  1. Mental health is a serious issue in this Country and it’s going mostly ignored. People are ill equipped to deal with this issue so they feel that if they bury it under the rug it will just go away. This is a glaring example of what complications can come from it if it’s left unattended. All this crap about guns, gun control, sheriffs dept, school security, arming teachers, etc etc, ALL MISS THE POINT!!! NOBODY has the courage to address and deal with the REAL issue! Stop putting on these little miniscule bandaids!

  2. Is it illegal to claim the truth that Cruz was the Deep State’s scapegoat who was given MK Ultra drug cocktail to confess to whatever they want as per witnesses?


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