Accused NSA Leaker Who Confirmed Russian Tinkering In The Election Reaches Plea Deal


Accused National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Reality Winner has reportedly reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors and will change her not guilty plea.

The Huffington Post reports that Winner is scheduled to appear at a Tuesday change of plea hearing, a sign that she and the Justice Department have reached an arrangement for her guilty plea.

Winner was arrested last year after allegedly mailing an NSA memo detailing a Russian cyberattack on U.S. voting systems to the news outlet The Intercept, which proved for the first time that Russians had gained access to “multiple U.S. state or local electoral boards.”

Her arrest led to a public debate over the the term “whistleblower” and whether her actions were treasonous or patriotic in nature. Winner is an avowed liberal who had expressed her hatred of President Trump on social media in the days after the President got elected in November 2016.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. No, there is no deep state! Fake news. And then you’re going to tell me that green men landed in Boro Park last night. Area 57? This is a made up conspiracy story. The government does not & never has spied on any American citizen. NEVER!

    • Actually, the fact that this person is charged with a crime sort of proves that there is no vast conspiracy. Yes, there a re bad apples. And of course, people who are die hard libs are biased, and should be trusted with prosecuting their heroine. But the fact that she is being prosecuted shows that there is no massive cover up.

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