Absurd: CVS Requesting ID For Nail Polish Remover In Effort To Curb ‘Meth’ Production


cvsCVS pharmacy customers are being asked for identification when they buy nail polish remover, WPRI 12 News reports.

The policy, which has been rolled out across southern New England in the past few weeks, means customers must show ID and will be limited on the number of bottles of remover they can purchase, according to the station.

The drugstore chain says the rule is an attempt to curb the making of illegal methamphetamine, and issued this statement, according to the station:

Because acetone is an ingredient used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, we recently implemented a policy that a valid ID must be presented to purchase acetone-containing products such as nail polish remover. Our policy also limits the sale of these products in conjunction with other methamphetamine precursors and is based on various regulations requiring retailers to record sales of acetone.”

Read more: Fox News

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Interesting!
    The Rite-Aid on Bay Parkway and 60th street in Brooklyn has a huge sign outside that reads, “Pneumonia & Shingles Available!” So you never know what this drug market is all about!

  2. number one….ha ha
    personally i think its okay, if the government isnt forcing them to do it and they think it will help….go ahead

  3. What is so absurd about this plan?

    How many bottles of nail polish remover can you use at one time?

    The only ones who might call this move absurd are those in the illegal drug trade. I hope it puts them all out of business!

  4. Makes sense to me in theory, but I think that its just too simple to find a loophole if you were that way inclined. Same as other over the counter drugs that need ID now.


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