Abbas: We Are The Canaanites


The PLO Central Committee, whose decisions are non-binding, voted to suspend recognition of Israel until Israel acknowledges a Palestinian State and decided to suspend all security ‎and economic agreements with Israel. Mahmoud Abbas said he was inclined to endorse the decisions but may well ignore them just as he ignored its recent call to dissolve the Palestinian Authority. Abbas did say that the PA felt free from commitment to all signed agreements as Israel had violated them all.

Speaking to the PLO Executive Committee in Ramallah, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas cursed President Trump and reiterated that Palestinians would not accept his peace deal.

“We are the Canaanites, the legal owners of the land. All of the settlements are illegal, and we will not agree to any settlement or Jewish presence inside Palestinian territory,” he said.

He charged that Trump already annulled the Yerushalayim issue by moving the embassy to Yerushalayim and annulled the Palestinian right of return by closing down UNWRA and brazenly saying there were no more than 40,000 Palestinian refugees.

“The salaries of the shaheeds (martyrs) are our red line,” he added. “We absorb a lot of pressure, but we will not compromise or give up on this matter, the money will go to them – until the last expulsion [of Jews].”

Abbas threatened Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman that if Israel reduces its transfer of Palestinian tax revenues by the sum the PA pays jailed terrorists and families of dead terrorists, the Palestinian economic and security cooperation with Israel will immediately be canceled.

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  1. See rashi beginning of lech lecha. Canaanites stole e”y from shem so either way it belongs to us.

    He should study before he opens his mouth.

  2. I thought that you were the Philistines? Please make up your mind – A. Arabs, B. Canaanites, C. Philistenes, or D. Dregs of the region, that no Arab country wants.

  3. He is right they are the Canaanites, the cursed descendants of Ham the son Noach cursed. They are the nation G-d told the Children of Yisrael to throw out of Eretz Yisrael.

    I always get a kick out of little tin pot dictators pontificating about what they will do in such and such a case as if they are in charge of running the world.

  4. Werent the 7 nations of eretz Yisroel totally destroyed when bnai Yisroel came to eretz Yisroel for this exact reason so people can’t claim “we were there first”??!!

  5. Canaanites? You’re Arab invaders plain and simple occupying the land that even the Koran says was given by G-d to the Jews!

  6. Trevs, a significant portion of ey was left unconquered because the yidden of the time had difficulty doing this mitzvah though they were warned. If arabs ran ey c”v you can be sure every Palestinian would be dead. It’s only the misplaced emotions of the Chilonim that keeps them alive.

  7. All comments above are wrong. Do your research.

    ALL MUSLIMS AND ARABS ARE BNEI YISHMAEL AND they will be the last ones to fight klal Yisroel before mashiach comes.

    Do your research and see for yourself.
    Iran, iraq, saudia arabia, Palestinians etc… Are all bnei YISHMAEL AND MUSLIMS

  8. Hey abbas! You’re old enough to remember! Jordan is Palestine!! Oh what a shame. Even your arab brethren kicked your asses out of their crappy country because you’re like vermin……..

  9. From archaeology it is known that Cannanites and Philistines were eradicated by wave after wave of invaders – the former by the latter (among others) and the latter by such as Egyptians (12th century bce hierglyphics), Assyrians (8th century bce), Babylonians (Nebuchadnezza in particular is named as the final blow that erased Philistines from history as related in cuneiform texts, after which no mention of such a people exists in later contemporary texts).


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