Abbas to Ask UN to Set Date for Israel Withdrawal to 1949 Armistice Line


abbasBy Rachel Levy

PLO chairman, Fatah leader and Palestinian Authority unity government head, Mahmoud Abbas is hoping to persuade the United Nations Security Council to ‘forget’ the internationally-recognized Oslo Accords and simply force Israel back to the 1949 Armistice Line.

Abbas reportedly is set to ask the Council to set a date by which Israel will be required to withdraw from Judea, Samaria and nearly half of its capital city, Jerusalem, all of which Israel captured from Jordanian control.

This would include withdrawal from the Old City, handing over the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, all of Judaism’s holiest sites and in short, the territory where a total of more than half a million Jews now reside, and is the cradle of Jewish civilization.

According to Fatah officials who spoke on condition of anonymity Sunday night, Abbas plans to ask the United Nations Security Council to set a deadline for Israel to withdraw from all of the territory it acquired during the 1967 Six Day War from Jordan. It’s not clear whether he also intends to include the Golan Heights in his request, since that is not directly relevant to the PA.

Jordan has since relinquished any claims it had on the territories.

If the UN Security Council does not agree to do as Abbas demands, the PA unity government head will ‘take his business elsewhere’ and turn to the International Criminal Court at The Hague,” the source said.

Abbas will attempt to charge Israel with war crimes in the international court – but it’s unlikely that he will succeed. Perhaps the primary reason is the fact that Israel is not a member of the ICC; therefore the court has no jurisdiction over the Jewish State, aside from the fact that Israel is simply not guilty, and has made very sure to document every move it makes in order to defend itself in any court of law.

Moreover, there is ample photographic evidence proving the countless violations of international humanitarian law committed by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and yes, by Fatah-linked terrorists as well – all of whom are members of Abu Mazen’s Palestinian Authority and under his government.

It’s the last act of a desperate man, one who has tried everything else and knows there is nothing left to do. No matter which way he turns, he’s a dead man in Ramallah, and he does not want to live in Israel. A man in this position has nothing left to lose.

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  1. I hope that our Israeli government will know better than to give even an inch back, after Hashem has given us so much through His Merciful nissim; but in case they even think about it, I hope that our gedolim, Rabbanim & all of klal Yisroael would make a big “stink” about it & do whatever is necessary to prevent such an avairah& a busha.

  2. when does a victor give back its spoils? Eretz Yisroel won this land fair and square in wars that were instigated by the Arab world!!

  3. -Should he do so in the name of the PA, it would be a declaration by the PA that the Oslo Accords and Agreements are and have been unilaterally declared null and void, revoked and dead, once and for all and forevermore! B”H!

  4. To Comment #2 from mayim Time: I don’t get it; are you saying that as of Feb 31, 2015, we should go back to 1949 borders??? If so , how do you figure that?? And what’s your connection to Shabbos Mevorchim Tishrei? Please explain. Thanx.

  5. If the land was captured from the Jordianians how is it to be given back to the Palestinians? It nevet belonged to them to begin with!


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