Abbas Says Trump Plan ‘Slap Of The Century’


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has described US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace efforts as the “slap of the century”.

Speaking to Palestinian faction leaders in Ramallah on Sunday, he said: “The deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will not accept it.”

He also accused Israel itself of putting an end to the Oslo Accords, which began the peace process in 1995. Read more at BBC.



  1. The best thing that could happen is that Oslo is “dumped” . It was always a non-starter , as it was a “one-way” deal – Israel giving in to Palestinian demands WITHOUT getting anything CONCRETE in return!!!!! Witness- continuous Palestinian incitement and cold-blooded murders and other glorifications of killers , such as diverting monies intended to improve lives of Palestinians with rewarding of killers and their families!!!!!

  2. Why slap. We kick.

    The House of Israel will be resumed. It is the Kingdom of David and the realestate in Saudi arabia is very nice. Have fun Ishmael. It is not your shameful land.

    Thank Hashem.

  3. Did Abbas really think that every US President is an anti-Semitic crook like Obama and hypocrite like Bush and Clinton?

    There comes a time when G-d had enough of the corruption and sends a G-d fearing GOOD PERSON who believes in G-d’s words and in the Bible that Israel belongs to the Jews, and to Jews only, to become the leader of the US. If you don’t like G-d’s messenger, the problem is with you, Abbas.


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