Abbas Rejects Kerry’s Offer


abbasA Palestinian Authority (PA) official involved in talks between the PA and Israel said today that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has rejected every offer put forth by United States Secretary of State John Kerry regarding security in the Jordan Valley.

The source said the security arrangements Kerry proposed were unacceptable because they would not prevent Israelis from continuing to live in the region.

Kerry’s proposals were not popular among Israeli politicians either. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Bottom line!
    Israel remains obstacle to peace!!!
    Pardon my French but who is this piece of dirt? Why is he relevant?
    Hey there Mr. Palestinian, this is it! We’ve invested enough energy, tme and money in you! Good bye!
    Get real Ketchup Kerry, his people are lowly terrorists! Shoot the freakazoid between the eyes! Then they’ll exhume his body and say Israel did it! You got nuthin to lose! Think about it!


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