Abbas Rejects All Tax Revenues From Israel After Cabinet Withholds Terror Funds


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is rejecting all tax revenue payments transferred to it by Israel, in response to Israel withholding over $138 million of the revenues over Ramallah’s payouts to Palestinian attackers and their families.

According to Reuters, Palestinian officials say Israel collects and transfers NIS 803,282,580 ($222 million) to the PA every month. PA officials have condemned Israel for withholding part of the money, arguing it amounts to “piracy” of Palestinian funds.

Israeli officials have defended the security cabinet’s decision, arguing that the PA’s payments incentivize violence and terrorism.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. He’s smart.
    I can just see Israel begging the PA terrorists to accept the money!
    Give it a week or two and Israel will back down.
    Crazy but true.

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