Abbas Orders PA To Sever Ties With US Officials Amid Diplomatic Row


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly told PA officials to sever ties with US consulate officials, amid a diplomatic row over US President Donald Trump’s embassy decision.

According to the reports, Abbas has told PA officials to cut ties with US diplomatic officials and referred to the US president as a “lost cause.” Read more at i24NEWS.



  1. Now Abbas and the P.A. can play the “We were so close to peace, until your provocation” they have played (successfully!) against Israel for decades.

  2. In other news, Madman Abscess, the Liar in Chief of the Fakestinians, has told PA officials not to cash any checks received from the US goverment.

    Mr. Abscess, who seems to be suffering from “foot in mouth” syndrome, went on record as saying that the Fakestinian spin machine was fast becoming a “lost cause”.


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