Abbas: Meet Our Conditions, Then We Can Have Peace


abbasIsrael’s “peace partner”, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, has once again outright rejected an Israeli demand to ensure a peace agreement that does not harm its security. In a speech on Sunday to graduates of a university in Jericho, Abbas also clarified that unless all of the PA’s demands are met, there will not be a peace agreement with Israel.

Abbas told the graduates that the eastern border of the State of Palestine along the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley will be with Jordan, thus essentially rejecting an Israeli demand for a special security arrangement in the Jordan Valley that would allow IDF soldiers to remain in the region after the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Abbas also told the students that the current negotiations between Israel and the PA are intended to reach a two-state solution based on the borders that existed before June 4, 1967, end “the occupation,” bring about the realization of the independence of the State of Palestine whose capital is Jerusalem, and bring a settlement to all final status issues, including releasing PA Arab terrorists from Israeli jails.

“Unless all the demands and rights of our people are realized” there will not be an arrangement, he stressed. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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