Abbas: Jewish State Recognition Off The Table In Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Talks


abbasPalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, one of Israel’s conditions for peace, will not be discussed in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiations.

“Recognition of a Jewish state is a condition that we absolutely refuse to discuss,” said Abbas at the Arab League summit in Kuwait.

Abbas went on to say that a future Palestinian state would be based on 1967 lines with some adjustments, that eastern Jerusalem would be its capital, and that there would be Palestinian control over border crossings and airspace as well as full independence and sovereignty.

“We do not need a new round of agreements that Israel will bury under conditions, reservations, and interpretations,” Abbas added.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Israel woulbd be crazy to negotiate under these insane conditions and statments no less on condtions to release more terrorists.

  2. Oh great! So now Israel can release the killers awaiting release cuz nothing is blocking the way!
    Just rell Abbas ahead of time so that he cam adjust the PA’s budget so that they can get their life stipend set up. Oh, and their heros welcome party!

  3. Who even cares anymore? The palestinians think that brutal force is the way to the future. The fact is that G-d never changes his visible hopes of Liberty and Freedom. There will perhaps be more listed problems in the area, but the palestinians will have absolutely no dynasty in the heavens. It may not matter to the children and families in the world today but the reality is that this world is a setting stage for the world to come. Did you actually expect that favor would be paid to the hatred of the lost cause of inhumanity? I do not know if we will need a new president in 3 years to correct this vast injustice or if the world will just continue to live in a bad dream of a word of pain against the remorse of human pleasant discretion and hope. But really, we are not pilgrims in our own world and G-d is True to Visions of true favor and faith.

    The jewish people will I am hopefully sure be glad to keep their places in the holy land and the palestinians may think that they have done the world they hate a favor by negotiating for “peace” at the price of affliction and poverty.

    Corruption is not rewarded and Hate has no primacy in the world of honorable order on Earth.

  4. Abbas is telling Israel their conditions, take it or leave it. Real simple. Why even continue with the talks? Let’s be as honest with Abbas and end the talks now. In 5-10 years we’ll restart the talks with different leaders.

  5. All this while Obama & Kerry (the foreign policy Keystone Kops) continue to play the “moral equivalency” game between Israel and the Arabs.

  6. On the table…off the table…it’s all the same.We know who you are and what your agenda is. At least you are honest.
    On with it…build up the land…in gegangen veiter.


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