Abbas’ Fatah Faction Posts Bloody Cartoon on Facebook Apparently Thanking UN for Endorsing Terrorism Against Israelis


By R. Blum

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction posted a graphic on its official Facebook page on Saturday, suggesting that it was expressing gratitude to the UN Security Council for endorsing terrorism against Israelis, a Jerusalem-based research organization reported on Sunday.

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), Fatah updated a cartoon that it had posted the day before the passage of the now infamous resolution, which declared Israeli settlement anywhere beyond the 1967 borders, including in east Jerusalem, illegal.

The original meme, PMW demonstrated, depicted a map of “Palestine” – covering the entire state of Israel – as a large knife being held by a stabber, in likely reference to one of the preferred methods of terrorism against Israelis during the course of the ongoing “lone-wolf intifada.” The perpetrator in the cartoon is stabbing the word in Arabic for “settlement.” The text above the drawing reads: “#Palestine will defeat the settlement” — indicating the settlement of Jews in any part of the entire country.

Following the near-unanimous Security Council vote, which passed 14-0, with only the United States abstaining, Fatah posted the same graphic with some tweaks and additions. At the top, above the drawing of the map of “Palestine” shaped like a dagger, the phrase “Thank You” appears, along with the names of the 14 countries — Russia, Angola, Ukraine, Japan, Spain, Egypt, Malaysia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Senegal, Uruguay, France, China and Britain – which supported the resolution.

At the bottom of the new meme, a pool of blood lies under the word “settlement” that is being stabbed, causing PMW to question whether the symbolism indicates that Fatah is not merely thanking the UN for declaring settlements to be illegal, but taking the vote as an encouragement to continue killing Israelis.

The bloody Fatah post appeared the day before the Knesset’s Ministerial Committee on Legislation approved the “Facebook Law,” which aims to empower the Administrative Court, at the state’s request, to issue injunctions to Internet content providers to remove incitement from their pages.

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