Abbas: ‘Europe Invented Zionism And Israel’


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed on Monday that Europe created Zionism and Israel.

“You all know Europe is the one that invented — this slightly annoys our neighbors — Zionism and Israel,” Abbas said at a PA Cabinet meeting. “It is the one that invented it. Let’s not fool ourselves. This is what history says. Whoever has something that refutes this history, go ahead.”

Abbas did not explain how he believes Europe created Zionism and Israel. However, he has previously made similar comments.

In a speech in January 2018, the PA president said, “Israel is a colonial project with no relationship to Judaism,” quoting Abdul Wahab al-Messiri, an Egyptian writer who authored the “Encyclopedia of Jews, Judaism and Zionism.”

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  1. The problem with the palestinians is that their women do not wear burkas. If they did, the children would just hear their ugly manner in voice and not ever have to see the manner of the frank flat bothersome moon on their cheeks as they teach class. We are just victim of the world that has not found its own best orthodoxy to just go home to where it belongs.

    And all I can say is Israel is never created in Europe. We were extinguished there. Zionism was a concept of Hertzl. He was born in Europe in exile.

    Touch it. Arab crass world. Arab crass world.

    Israel to stay. Arab out. Give it get it. A no.

  2. In Israel the antisemites say Yidden are colonists and should go back to Europe, and in Europe they say Yidden are foreigners and should go back to Israel.

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