Abbas Calls US Ambassador Friedman ‘Son Of A Dog’


In an angry rant against the Trump administration, Abbas referred to Ambassador David Friedman as a “son of a dog.”


He criticized the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the American plan to move its embassy to the city and the cutting off of hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the U.N. agency for Palestinian “refugees.”

“Some say wait for their plan,” Abbas said, regarding the as-yet-undisclosed Trump peace plan. “What shall we wait for? No, we will not wait, and we will not allow that.”

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  1. Is that necause Jadon isn’t letti g walk all iver him! Because Friedman is telling him how it is! Calling his nluff!
    Awww, poor Mahmoud Abbas bin Ali Bum el Mohahamad Abu Mazen.
    Jason, coming from where he comes, being a dog is a compliment.

  2. Could be worse. The Arabs use the term son of a monkey or son of a pig which is much worse than son of a dog. We need to understand their culture in order to get along.


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