AAA Says NYC Yellow Lights Are Too Short, DOT Says לא היו דברים מעולם


traffic-light New York – The Department of Transportation (DOT) has released a list of six myths it found in a recent AAA study.

According to AAA, yellow lights around the city are shorter than the standard three seconds. It says drivers are getting trapped at red light cameras because they don’t have the time to slow down.

DOT first called the study bogus, but then went a step further. As part of the list, officials say the lights named by AAA were each inspected and found to have appropriate times.

“In concept, we believe in red light cameras,” said AAA spokesperson Robert Sinclair. But over the weekend, backed only by scant anecdotal evidence, the group claimed that traffic signals with red light cameras in New York City had yellow lights that were too short, and called for changes to how the cameras are used.

The city has cameras at 150 intersections. Of the eight intersections it observed, AAA claimed that four signals were up to 15 percent shorter than the usual three seconds. DOT called the claims “bogus,” saying that two of those intersections don’t even have active red light cameras, and that the other two are properly timed.

Source: NEWS12

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