A Traffic Stop in Yerushalayim: Who’s the Passenger?


rachmastrivke-rebbe-eretz-yisroelPerhaps one can describe it as the ultimate PBA card.

A PBA card is a card that police officers in the United States give their friends and relatives to hand to other officers to help avoid getting a ticket. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

But one driver in Yerushalayim  had a passenger that worked better than a PBA card.

While driving on Rechov Yechezkel in Yerushalayim , the driver noticed an extraordinary amount of traffic – even for Yerushalayim. Worried about his passenger’s time, he quickly slipped into the “buses only” lane and re-entered traffic after the light. His actions were noted by a Yerushalayim police officer.

The officer pulled him over and wrote him up with a big ticket. That is, until he noticed that the driver’s passenger was none other than the Rachmastrivka Rebbe of Yerushalayim. When he noticed the passenger, the police officer ripped up the ticket.

Rachmastrivka is a Chassidic dynasty named after a town in Ukraine. It is an offshoot of the Chernobyl dynasty dating back to the 19th century. The founder of the dynasty, Rav  Yochanan Twersky, was known for his complete humility. There are two Rebbes of the dynasty – one in the United States and one in Yerushalayim. The Rebbe in the United States is an uncle of the Rebbe in Yerushalayim.

The police officer, however, didn’t stop at merely ripping up the ticket. He wanted more. He asked the Rebbe to give him a bracha. The Rebbe complied.

{Five Towns Jewish Times/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Beautiful! The author left out that the two Rebbes shlit”a, uncle and nephew, get along like Yehonason v’Dovid! Two especially heiliger Yidden!

    (Most likely the Rebbe did NOT know that the driver violated traffic law! He is makpid about those things!)

  2. EdI visited in jerusalem 2 years ago lag buomer season when the pope was there with my grandfather (a big rabbi) when we wanted to go to the tzion of the ohr hachaim hakadosh it was blocked and the cop standing there said we need now more kedusha against this tumah go pray for us and he wrote a kvittel

  3. to #3 & everyone else

    EMUNA IN YOUR RABBIS IS a lack of emuna in Hashem & a very bad thing when it comes to yiddishkeit.

    keep your faith in Hashem & you will lack nothing (tehillim chapter 34 & end of birchas hamazon)

  4. I agree with the commeneter who made a smiley face. I dont know how to do that but I agree. That’s my comment too.

  5. Great story!
    Never happened!!
    Once the cop writes the ticket (yeah – a big one – right) it can’t be ripped up.
    Nice copy, but try harder next time.
    ps no ‘buses only’ lane to go into & out of on Rechov Yechezkal. One lane only going each way from Kikar Shabbat all the way to Shmuel Hanavi.
    Try harder!!!

  6. Yechezkal turns into a bus only lane halfway up the hill during certain hours. The cops sit and wait for people to take the short cut.

  7. the rachmistrivka rebbe shlita is from the biggest tzadikim in israel, when he comes to USA or UK evryones runs after him, he is a velts Rebbe, tzadik hador

  8. to # 12
    Vayamiynu Bashem Uvimoshe Ovdoi
    There is a Moshe in every dor (midrash)
    It probably wasnt right of driver but excellent for police

  9. Don’t forget the Mordche that says that a Rav who’s tome is devoted up the tzibur is allowed to skip the line that is the halacha

  10. this sounds like the story that one of the tzedokos had – where someone was trying to move a trailer to a yeshiva and got stopped by a police because they did not have an escort (since it was bigger than certain meters and the yeshiva knew that). The head of the yeshiva donated money and poof no ticket. It sounds great but it should not be publicized!!

  11. to #12 when you said earlier that “EMUNA IN YOUR RABBIS IS a lack of emuna in Hashem & a very bad thing when it comes to yiddishkeit.
    keep your faith in Hashem & you will lack nothing (tehillim chapter 34 & end of birchas hamazon)”
    Tehillim or bircas hamazon did not say emuna in your rabbis is a lack of emuna in hashem your twisting. one thing is seperate from another. Get your facts clear educate your self before

  12. Mashiach agent- It says “And they believed in Hashem and Moshe His servant”. As long as the belief is in Hashem then we can believe that Hashem has imparted kedusha and Ruach Hakodesh (not nevuah-prophesy) or the ability to attain it to all….. and the MOSHES of each generation can be “believed in”

  13. “I agree with the commeneter who made a smiley face. I dont know how to do that but I agree. That’s my comment too.”

    Thank you so much for taking the time and the trouble to tell us that.

  14. For me more than the story is the reaction from us when we read it. I read and re-read the postings.
    We can say with all evidence that we are really
    in need of someone like the Satmar Rebbe Reb Yoel Z”L that everyone was afraid of!!

    For me the limud is a gabbay rushing a tsadik to his avoida and a police officer that showed us that there are people that may not be so religious but has more SEICHEL than some that think they are elite spiritual experts……

  15. I’m surprised at all the venom & vitriol of some of my co-readers! This kind of talk just shows that chalila we may not be ready for Mashiach after all! Wasn’t the Beis Hamikdosh destroyed due to sinas chinam? Do the comments above show that we’re far from having corrected that issue!
    What’swrong with a V.I.P. making use of thoroghfares that have restrictions to regular traffic? As for the violation of the law, True, the law must be obeyed! But so does the Torah law of Ahavas Yisroel! And as for the cop, oficers do have the right to exercise their own discretion with regard to applications. Otherwise we’d be living in a dictorial state versus a democracy!
    Fellas, get a life and fill the si nas chinom gape with ahavas Yisroel!


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