A Special Kid: Yair Levie Raises Over $2,500 for Biermacher Family


Tragedy struck the Jewish community when Rabbi Reuven Biermacher Hy”d of Aish HaTorah in Yerushalayim was walking though Shaar Yaffo and was brutally stabbed to death. Yair Levie of Teaneck, New Jersey, decided to make it his mission to help support the Biermacher family as a chessed project for his upcoming bar mitzvah. Yair walked with determination from person to person in the bitter cold and managed to raise over $2,500 for the seven orphaned children and family left behind.

After his bar mitzvah, Yair and his family went to visit Aish HaTorah in Yerushalayim to see where Rabbi Biermacher inspired his students. His family was given a tour of the yeshiva, while getting to see the bais medrash where Rabbi Biermacher inspired his eager students. Yair also got a chance to speak with some the rabbis who worked with Rabbi Biermacher.

The Levie family was also given a tour of the Aish World Center. While admiring the beautiful view of the Kosel with his wife and children, Yair’s father mentioned, “It makes me very proud to see that Yair took on this project. It’s not easy for a young person to stand in the cold weather and approach people to ask them for money. My son did what he felt was right no matter how difficult it was. I am very proud of him and what he accomplished.”

When asked what moved him to raise money for the Biermacher family, Yair told Matzav.com, “When I heard what happened, I started to think about how much we really have. If somebody close to me were to die, chas veshalom, I can’t even imagine how life would be without them around. More importantly, how much I would appreciate the love and support of others during that time. With the Biermacher family, I realized that not only will these children have to grow up without their father, the main person working and putting food on the table is no longer there. That’s why I decided to raise money and help.”

The amount of care and dedication that Yair has displayed is an encouraging example that we can all learn from. May we continue to unify and stand together through these challenging times to continue the legacy and love of Torah that Rabbi Biermacher lived for. It is through this love and responsibility to one another that we will merit the rebuilding the Bais Hamikdash speedily in our days.

Bar Mitzvah Chesed Rabbi Biermacher Yair and Family




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