A Sign? Giant Boulder Smashes Onto Reform Praying Area At The Kosel


A giant boulder fell off the Kosel wall on Sunday morning, crashing on the stair leading up to the platform used by the mixed prayer groups of the Reform and Conservative movements

According to  mayor Nir Barkat, who surveyed the scene after wall crumbled, the stone weighed around 220 pounds. By a nes, that area of the Kosel was empty and the rock hit the floor without causing any damage.

Or as one Twitter post noted, “this ‘miracle’ of the absence of worshipers at the Reform plaza is a permanent miracle that takes place almost 24/7.”




  1. The Ribbono Shel Oilom is sending a warning to those who practice deviant religions called Reform, Conservative, Feminism, etc. These phony movements are not Judaism. They’re cults whose leaders try to convince their gullible followers that this is Judaism when in reality they are not.

    • R. Yochanan said: From the day that the Holy Temple was destroyed, prophecy was taken away from the prophets and given to fools and children.

      Bava Basra 12b

      I’m assuming you’re not a child.

    • On Rosh Chodesh those women off the wall disturb the women davening in the Ezras Nashim, not in the area set aside for them. That’s usually empty. My husband listened to the Israeli news channel, one commentator said it was a miracle that no one injured, but the second was inadvertently let the truth slip out, when he returned, that the prayer area is almost always empty!!!

  2. cotnd from anonymous 7/23 12 36 pm
    but it wont help ‘reshoim afili al pischon shel gehenom einom chosrim’

    • 1)pointing out the destroyers of torah is not sinas chinom
      2) those who bring chorben on klall yisroel EG 70 yrs ago is’ mitzvah lisnosom’
      3) how come your kenoi for ahvas yisroel (and to the wrong people)and not kanoi to torah mockers?

    • Hating what the reform and conservative movements have done and wishing for our non-religious brethren to be chozer be’tshuva isn’t sinas chinom.

  3. The mere fact that no one was there from that group on Tisha B’Av proves that they could care less about the Kosel and anything it represents. They are just pure trouble-makers with a political agenda.
    And the idiot Israeli officials buy their BS.

  4. Why do you call it a nes?
    That place is always empty! (except for Rosh Chodesh when they come to make fools out of themselves)

  5. There was one person present in the video, in the lower right hand corner, a woman who seems to be dressed modestly and with her head covered.

    • She’s frum, and she probably davened there just to have quiet. She’s apparently a regular, and as you pointed out, tzniusdik and soft-spoken.

  6. Scary. G-d is real. Falling rocks are terror.

    Think of any person in harms way a fear to be scared by health. Everything the reform does is wrong. Hashem does not need a gay stone to fall in their prayer area for the holy to fear he is angry.

    Drama queen reform clergy are very tight. They have golden networks. Every congregant they have is their dear.

    No rock falling is a message. It is a human threat. Freaky huh? Gawker paradise.

    That is Hashems test. Your interest. Gawking reduces our case for a Temple. Manage that.

    True G-d. Safe.

      • Would you like arabic? Maybe the exile is not long enough. Hate your neighbor because he has too much time off today to bother running to your bank to save you. I am sorry.

  7. Good news
    Let’s hope more rocks fly down and whack these evil feminist who are anti orthodox as well as anti Trump.


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