A Shabbos without Leiby z”l


leiby-kletzkyIn Borough Park and surrounding frum neighborhoods, there was silence on Shabbos as Yidden across the city reflected on the murder of eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky z”l.

Just five days ago, Leiby got lost and asked the wrong man for directions. His body was found the next day, a discovery sending shock across the community, and the rest of the city.

Congressman Michael Grimm, whose Staten Island district also covers a part of Brooklyn, was an FBI agent. He said, “The very first thing that crossed my mind is that we had a psychopath on our hands. And that there could possibly be more bodies out there.”

Police think that is a possibility, and murderer Levi Aron’s defense lawyers have already prepared for an insanity defense.

“He’s indicated to me that he hears voices. And there’s some hallucinations involved as well,” said defense lawyer Pierre Bazile.

The suspect has undergone psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital, but one investigator close to those who were in the room when Aron made his statements, his alleged confession, investigators with experience in insanity cases, said it appears to them that he was somewhat calm and rational in his own way when he made those statements.

In other words, a judge, they say, may find that Aron is fit to stand trial.

“It’s nice to have a motive, and do I think I can develop a motive? Yeah I think so,” said Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes.

Even today, investigators were still going into that house, for evidence.

Investigators are fanning-out to where Levi Aron has lived in Tennessee as well as Little Rock, Arkansas and Florida. In all those places he either married or was engaged to single Jewish women.

According to sources in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, an indictment is expected to be handed up early next week.

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