A Reader Writes: They Ought to Help Others


readers-write11 Dear Editor@Matzav.com,
I address this to those parents in our community who have been blessed, while living in the age of the shidduch crisis, to marry off their children at an early age. I see these parents, almost without exception, as those who have also merited, due to Divine Providence, to be socially prominent, economically secure, and of good reputation. These qualities help make the most able shadchanim. These parents know many people in their neighborhoods and when they talk, people listen, as in the old E.F. Hutton commercial.

Perhaps in gratitude to the One Above, for having been showered with much good fortune, they ought to look at those in their midst, friends and neighbors, outside of their socio-economic circles, who have not been as blessed to have married off their children as easily, and put their charm and power of persuasion to work for others, before they’re asked.

They will surely be repaid by the One Above.

What comes from the heart, enters the heart.

Please post this in every shul and forward this to those whom it applies to. We have no time to waste.

B. S.


  1. Jake, put aside whatever it reads like to you, this letter has a very valid point. Those Askanim who marry off their children easily, and whose opinion many people cherish, can be effective Shadchanim, if they so desire.

  2. How would you like to be in a position where you can’t marry off your children? Why all the comments? This person has a valid point. Do you think it’s because the people who have an easier time of it, are being rewarded for things they’ve done. Do you expect to understand this world? Why don’t we all band together whether we have available children or not and see if we can help each other?


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