A Reader Writes: Teachers’ Room Lashon Hara


Dear Editor@Matzav.com,

From various sources, I have heard personal and private stories of students being repeated in teachers’ rooms during breaks with the “intention” of helping the students. Being involved with some students who have issues in school, it appears that teachers are bored during recess and damagingly chat about their students. Teachers then form a new impression of students that they originally did not have. The teachers will then “out of the blue” all treat those discussed students negatively.
I am familiar with one student who mentioned to me that most of her teachers approached her asking her the same question in front of the class. It was obvious that she was topic of conversation during the teachers’ coffee/lunch break! This student asked me how she can possibly learn from any teacher when these teachers do not practice what they religiously preach. Their behavior is very anti what Yiddishkeit preaches. Gossip among teachers has no heter without very serious consultation with a rov.
I am bringing this up here with the hope that maybe someone can enlighten me with a way that teachers can see the severe destruction they cause to students by discussing the students’ private concerns, family problems, etc.



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