A Reader Writes: Support for Those With Chronic Diseases


readers-write-smallDear Matzav Editor,

A new organization, Yisichena, is working on forming support groups within the frum community for people suffering from a variety of devastating diseases.

Many people suffer from similar chronic diseases and can offer each other the constant encouragement and support that is crucial. Both giving and receiving support is a tremendous source of chizuk and strength.

Please contact [email protected].

In the email, please include basic information such as the city you live in, age, and a general description of condition. Also include if you think you would be able to assist in organization of a support group that fits your needs. All information will remain confidential.

We will, bl”n, return all emails and keep you updated on progress.

Thank you helping us help others. You should be gebentched and be zoche to continue using your website for chesed and to bring good to klal Yisroel. Migalgalin z’chus al yidei zakai.



  1. yasher koach for starting this much needed organization. I wish you much hatzlachah and hopefully such an organazation should no longer be needed bimheirah viyameinu
    hatzlachah rabbah


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