A Reader Writes: Shaimos On the Screen


readers-write1Dear Editor,

Yesterday you had an image of a mezuzah next to the article about the stolen mezuzos in Bnei Brak. There are big poskim who maintain that shaimos on a computer screen can’t be deleted. One would have to wait for the screensaver to kick in, then turn off the machine and reboot.

Why look for problems?


T. Z.

A Matzav Reader


  1. Who are these “big poskim”? This shaila first came up in the 1980’s and as a screen is not ‘print’ per se, but rather different rays of light, it is not considered shaimos.

  2. I guess Matzav.com dosn’t have a problem with it. But they don’t explain why. Well they don’t explain alot of things.

  3. These alleged “sheimos” are electronically deleted automatically 60 times a second by your screen’s refresh circuitry.

    Who are these “big poskim”, and did they bother to talk to an engineer?

    Why look for problems indeed – especially when there aren’t any?

  4. U R RITE:
    I am just wondering why should the bein adom lechvairo last only a few weeks, why not all the time?


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