A Potent Twitter Response to Those Who Oppose Trump’s Immigration Order



  1. Great response!
    So if iran does it, we should to. super intellignet. Thank you matzav for sharing.
    i’ll be this Einstein voted for Trump

    • Dear (pretentious)emes, your grammar is as great as your intelligence. Please move to Iran, where you’ll be surrounded by those who you’d like to bring over to this country.

      • 1) I dont have to move to IRan, becasue apparently they are our new role model.
        2) I was under the impression, that in the US we are free to criticze. OR are you again looking to copy Iran
        3) LEt me guess: you are a trump supporter. And you mock other’s intelligence good one! Oh right your dear leader is “like very smart” and has a a “really good brain” after all he said so himself

        • 1.Move to Iran where you may enjoy the companionship of those you can’t import fast enough into this country.
          2.We are free to criticise in the US, which is what I’m doing to your incoherent comment. Though your liberal-fascist crowd would like to take away my right of free speech and permit only “politically correct” speech, while coincidentally they decide what’s “correct”.
          3.I did not mock your intelligence. You did so yourself with your first foolish comment, now you did it again. One more time to establish a chazaka?

          • HAha
            1) As I said no, need to move to Iran Since apparently they are your (and The Donald’s?) role model.
            2. It is the Donald who plans to take a way free speech. Remember when he said he wants “to open up libel laws”
            3. I dont think you know what incoherent means. But then again as a Trump supporter you may not know many words above the third great. dont worry You are winning big league so pat yourself on the back. Tired of winning yet? Most americans are

          • Dear pretentious “emes”, I can’t decide what’s more impressive – your writing or your reasoning skills. At any rate, you have a chazaka, as you’ve managed to demonstrate three times in a row.

          • You know what anonymous, you are right I’m convinced. After all as our dear LEader has shown us: you dont need to make any logical argument to win you just need to mock and insult your way and people will follow you.
            So you are right, it is time to let all the syrian children die. LEt’s just stand by as they are slaughtered. After all syria doesnt let Israelis in, so good riddance, let their children die! Yes that makes a lot of sense.
            Maybe we can come up with a catchy name. I know let’s cal it “the final solution to the Muslim question”

  2. This is the reason why many American citizens are protesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Because we are not like those countries and we never want to be like them. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not only that, but they will not allow you in the country if it shoes that you’ve visited Israel before arriving there . . .

  4. BTW. Saint Obama banned Iraqi refugees for 6 months 2011 but I’m guessing it wasn’t a big problem then. This is a temporary ban on visitors from countries that were designated by Obama’s administration as being as sources of terror. During the ban the Trump administration will put together rules and process for proper vetting of visitors to this country. This measure seems measured and appropriate for our times.

  5. It seems that the entire liberal media establishment has gone entirely unhinged! This is about securing borders – not allowing potential dangers into the country. That is not only the job of the government, that is the reason of the existence of any government. Not to give out checks, not to educate, not to help citizens of the world – it’s primary purpose is to protect it’s citizens, and thank G-d there’s finally a president who understands that.

  6. Bad response: America is a democracy and a kind and gentle place. Mr trump listen all day to Rush Limbaugh, and trump has been brainwashed.

    • Dear Bais med boychick, the intelligence level of your syntax is rivaled only by the intelligence level of the context of your comment.


  8. none of the Arab countries took in any refugees which have the same culture because they are afraid of them. so Mr. president extend the ban to all of their countries until they change, that infidels have to be killed which we all are.


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