A Personal Request from Aviva Gluck, Wife of Zvi from Amudim


For those of you who know me, this is not my style. It’s very hard for me to do this, but… It would be even harder for me to stay quiet.

I am trying to save a girl who I am very close with, and needs help, so she can stay alive, and thrive.

Most of you know the amazing work that my husband Zvi does with Amudim. My husband and his team work tirelessly with clients to help them, but they also have to raise money to do it.

Usually you my husband sends requests, now it is my turn.

Recently, a girl who is very close to me, who has suffered much abuse in her past, could no longer fight her demons. She turned to substances for help, when that didn’t work she tried the only way out she felt she had – ending it all.

Thankfully, she remembered her relationship with us, and reached out to Zvi and I. She is working very hard in therapy and is in a fantastic facility, where, with Hashem’s help, she finally has the opportunity to change her life around. She even reached out to her friends for support in funding her recovery. They were able to raise enough money to cover her first month in rehab.

Now she turned to me, and I am turning to you. Please help me help this precious young women to become a the person she so desires to be. Every dollar you can donate makes a real difference.

All donations are being processed through Amudim Community Resources, and are tax deductible. Tax ID # 47-098480.




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