A Not-To-Be-Missed Opportunity: ArtScroll’s Talmud and Mishnah Sale


The ArtScroll editions of Talmud and Mishnah. We see them everywhere: On bookshelves, shtenders and shul tables, in the hands of Jews poring over them at home, in school, on buses and in boardrooms. How noble they look, their embossed spines proudly proclaiming their names.  And how important they are, to our lives, to our neshamahs, to everything we believe in and hold dear.

From now until Feb. 21st, you can purchase full sets and individual volumes at a remarkable 30% off the retail price. Now is the time to bring the Talmud and Mishnah into your home – and heart.

The Schottenstein Edition Talmud Bavli: The publication of the Schottenstein Edition Talmud Bavli was a landmark in the history of Torah learning, an unprecedented achievement in English-language Judaica. With its flowing translation, clear elucidation, plus diagrams, vowelized text, and introductions to the tractates and individual topics, the Schottenstein Edition Talmud Bavli has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people who make Talmud study a vital part of their day.

Schottenstein Edition Hebrew Talmud Bavli: Designed for those who prefer to study in Hebrew, this edition has achieved wide acceptance and acclaim. In Israel and America, the “Blue Gemara” is everywhere.

Schottenstein Talmud Yerushalmi in Hebrew and English: For sixteen centuries, the Talmud Yerushalmi was the exclusive province of great talmidei chachamim, but a closed book for everyone else. This extraordinary translation and elucidation brings the wisdom of the Yerushalmi to everyone who wants to revel in its study.

The Schottenstein Edition Mishnah Elucidated: Featuring a flowing translation and concise elucidation in the format of the Schottenstein Talmud, this edition is perfect for yahrzeits and sheloshim, for beginners, students, and anyone seeking a clear, basic understanding of the Mishnah. It also includes in-depth notes for a deeper understanding, as well as the commentary of Rabbi Ovadiah Bartenura.

The Ryzman Edition Hebrew Mishnah A multi-level Hebrew-language elucidation of Mishnah, enabling readers to learn at the level of their choice. Each volume contains the full text of the Mishnah, the commentary of Rabbi Ovadia Bartenura, a phrase-by-phrase translation and elucidation in readable Hebrew, as well as expanded explanations of the Mishnah for a greater understanding of the p’shat.

ArtScroll Mishnah with the Yad Avraham Commentary: A major series that includes clear translation, diagrams and illustrations, and the Yad Avraham commentary covering a broad range of commentators, this is an important part of every Torah library.

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