A Niggun Composed Lekovod Parshas Shekolim. Enjoy!


The following song was composed Lekovod Parshas Shekolim. (tune and lyrics) by Rav Gamliel Battleman Z”L.

Sung By R’ Ahron Sapirman.

Rav Battleman was the Menahel of the Cheder Haddar Tzion in Yerushalayim for decades.
He was known to all as a Mechanech bechesed Elyon.
Those who were zocheh to meet him and deal with him referred to him as ” an Adam Chashuv ad Meod”.

Rav Battleman was a beautiful Baal Menagen and Baal Tefllah as well.

He composed it Lekovod Parshas Shekalim but in truth for Rav Battleman this was an expression of a lifelong yearning for a closeness to the Ribono Shel Olam.

May the words of this song be fulfilled, and the chizuk and inspiration from its words and haunting tune be a zechus for his helige neshama.

A gut shabbos.




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