A New Approach to Address the Shidduch Crises



Every day, Jewish singles around the world search for their perfect matches. On Tu B’Shvat, Wednesday, January 31, 2018, hundreds of lomdim will embark on a 24-hour quest to complete shas for the zchus of helping Klal Yisroel’s singles find their basherts.

Founded by the Chicago Chesed Fund under the leadership of HaRav Shmuel Fuerst, Shas For Shidduchim gives individuals an opportunity to sponsor a daf for $100 on behalf of finding a shidduch for one’s self, friend or family member. The national campaign invites and encourages shidduch-seekers from around the country to join in the day’s zchusim.

All proceeds will be donated exclusively for the mitzvah of hachnosas kallah, helping ease the financial burden for kallahs.

The power of Limud HaTorah and the auspicious day of Tu B’Shvat offers many zchusim for singles looking to find their perfect match. Tefilas and resources for this can be found on ShasForShidduchim.org, including endorsement from the Ben Ish Chai.

What greater zchus is there than Limud HaTorah and to utilize its powers to help singles find shidduchim,” said HaRav Shmuel Fuerst, founder of ShasForShidduchim and the Chicago Chesed Fund.

To sponsor a daf, click here.


  1. It’s not a new approach
    It’s always beautiful to increase zchusim but not when it comes to a price tag again

    A new approach would mean
    -Dismantling BMG freezer
    -Eradicating mothers and boys needing pictures
    – a fund available for girls who don’t get dates because of money/ inability to support
    -teaching boys from a young age to look for internal qualities in a girl that match for them not the externalities as the sole focus
    – girls should share the dating traveling

    When we see more and more programs popping up of someone trying to make money as a result of a vulnerable population, it’s a very big turn off

    I’m all for supporting learning and more limud hatorah but not this is fashion of blasting highlighting a NEW approach to shidduchim as if now the answer has been found

    We can only increase our Tefila and encourage our boys and girls to receive more dating guidance.

    I’m sorry I sound so cynical
    But it’s really not a new approach and a price rage attached cheapens it and makes singles feel nebachdik

    I am 26, not even old by today’s standards but my friends are expecting their 3rd already. I want to increase my chances and zchusim but I just don’t think these types of programs help us. It would be a much bigger help if every single person takes upon themselves to redt shidduchim at least once a week. I would love to see the gedolim and Rabbonim institute redting shidduchim in the seder hayom of yeshiva and then again anyone single or married working on it twice a week.

    Thank you for listening to my side of story

    May we all merit to dance at each other Simchas soon


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