A Look at the New Gematria Calculator App


Our community faces the challenges brought by technical innovation. The Gematria Calculator app offers a wholesome experience. It embraces technology turning it into a source to further Torah knowledge and inquiry in the form of gematria.

Gematria has long been an area of fascination to Yidden and rarely does a simcha speech conclude without mention of gematria. Further, most are familiar with the basic straight gematria and wouldn’t know how to calculate nine other gematria types even if they dared venture there. Simple to use, and with its beautifully designed interface,

Gematria Calculator provides a medium for the masses world-over to engage in gematria calculating using the tap of a finger. It will offer the calculator in many languages while currently English and Spanish are fully operational.

The allure of its easy use and endless possibilities in ten varied forms provides hours on end of mind stimulating Torah. It’s free, it’s Torahdig, it’s productive, it’s mind-sharpening, it can’t be beat because gematrias, as part of the Torah, are eternal.

Below is link to app on play store:




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