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matzav_networkPart of the privilege of being a contributor or editor for Matzav.com is working with people like Noam Amdurski, a talented writer and a super human being.

We share an email he sent earlier this week to his fellow writers, editors and contributors at Matzav:

“Gemar chasima tova wishes to all.

“I know this is a busy time of year and not necessarily the best time to put forth an idea or suggestion regarding Matzav. But this is an important thought I have had, so I appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to read this.

“I am proud to have been associated with Matzav. I think the site does a wonderful job providing news and more, which is why it is so popular with so many people.

“However, even with the strict standards, I find that some of the comments left by readers are a bit too abrasive. We Yidden are kind, considerate people. We are strong in our beliefs, which is the way it should be, but we are – and should be – soft spoken and sensitive.

“On occasion, comments on the site are rougher on the edges than I, personally, like.

“I therefore merely suggest putting out a call out to the readers for a ‘kindler, gentler Matzav.com’ And all editors and moderators who approve comments should likewise be asked to raise the level at least a notch, so that we can continue improving the quality of the dialogue while putting strong focus on proper middos and decency even when commenting anonymously on a site.

“Thank you for considering my thoughts.

“My best to all of you and your families.

“Gemar tov.


Noam has said it all.

And he is right.

Thus, on this Erev Yom Kippur, we ask you for your help in bringing a more kindlier face to the comments here, so that we can all point to a site and say, “Good for them. Let’s join in raising the purity and decency of our speech.”

We wish you all a meaningful fast and uplifting Yom Kippur, and we wish every members of the Jewish nation a new year of forgiveness, as well as bountiful blessing.

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  1. agreed. Gmar Toiv. I would also like to add and hope that the moderators please accept to never publish any comment – even if written softly and gently – that in any way knocks, mocks or challenges Daas Torah, our Rabbonim and Talmidei Chachomim. These Heiliga people should be off limits from any comments about them. As well, even the comments where someone says they agree with a Psak or a thought from our Gedolai Yisroel, those comments as well should not be published for they seem to give a message that our Daas Koton confirms and that is a Bizayon to our Gedolay Yisroel. They don’t need (nor does anyone else need) our confirmation to what they say.

    Thank you Matzav for taking better control of the comments. It makes this site even better then it already is.

  2. Thanx Noam. I agree. Will take your advice bl”n.

    Another suggestion: before you publish articles, stop & think, is this article going to be the cause of “abrasive” comments? Is Matzav publishing this to get controversial? Is this article appropiate for a ben Torah? Is this article going to open old wounds?
    Just an eitza tova.
    To all of Kllal Yisroel: have a Gemar Chasima Tova!

  3. What a dumb idea. Part of the attraction of this site is the humor in the absolutely devastating takedowns of the matzavs ridiculous perspective on world events. On this Yom Kipper you should ask for mechiluh for all the bitul torah your site caused and for rejecting this comment.

  4. “we ask you for your help in bringing a more kindlier face to the comments here”

    and I ask for your moderators and editors help in keeping the less kindlier face to the comments out of here.

  5. There are myriads of sites that suavely attack all that is of high worth.
    They are being read by hundreds of our youth.

    It is Chinuch to have one site where there is response kind for kind

  6. There is one major move that would transform Matzav from a website of questionable legitimacy to a dignified Jewish news source: Use real names.

    Only when there are identifiable people taking responsibilty for what is published on this site (yes, including the comments!) will Matzav take its place beside the Yated and HaModia, Mishpacha and the various news publications we take in to our homes out of trust for the indivuduals or group we know and have come to respect.

    I think Matzav will only grow in readership and influence once there are real names standing behind what is written.

    Till then, Matzav may be the most unoffensive site on the web and even maintain a standard Bnai Torah will approve, but it will still remain in the realm of unsigned sites…an online pashkevil of sorts. And that is a shame.

    A gut yuhr!

  7. This will be much appreciated. I have already blocked all comments from jewfish news sites because they are often disrespectful in tone and nasty in content. You can do this by downloading ad blocker plus for free


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