A Father’s Legacy and a Son’s Love: Ambucycles Donated to Ichud Hatzolah


ichud-hatzolahLenny Elbogen was a man who’s smile never seemed to leave his face. He was a man whose love for his family and love for Israel were central to his being. When a massive heart attack struck him in early 2000 volunteer medics from Hatzolah of Flatbush were there. Immediate and intense efforts brought him back. A few months later, it was a mini-stroke and once again the volunteer medics from Hatzolah of Flatbush were there. A third time, even the ever-vigilant volunteer medics of Hatzolah were unable to save him from yet another heart attack.Lenny’s son, Noah, witnessed firsthand the selfless efforts of the volunteer medics and appreciated the added time he had with his father as a result of their hard work. It didn’t take Noah long to figure out how he figured into the equation. More mobile medics means more lives saved.

After deciding to donate an ambucycle to United Hatzalah, Noah and his immediate family flew to Israel to visit with the Israeli side of his family. Sitting in traffic upon his arrival in Israel (en route to Yerushalayim), Noah was explaining why ambucyles were so critical to helping save lives. As if on cue, 2 United Hatzalah ambucycles raced past the Elbogen taxi on their way to save lives at the accident that was the cause of the traffic.

After a meaningful dedication ceremony at the Kotel, ambucycle 195 entered active duty. It was assigned to Chezzie Roth from Yerushalayim.

What made the assignment that much more meaningful was the fact Chezzie and his dad Menachem, a United Hatzalah medic from the Farkas Haifa Division, are United Hatzalah’s first father-son medic team. A gift from a son in memory of his father for a son who lives the legacy of his father.

Yesterday, on the occasion of his father’s yahrzheit, Noah gave a generous donation towards the refurbishing of 2 more ambucycles. At the same time, Chezzie was busy on ambucyle 195 saving an elderly lady who was ill and a young baby with breathing difficulties. Menachem, his father, was saving victims of a structure fire in Kiryat Ata. We are most certain that Lenny was looking down, with a smile, and proud of everyone.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Hatzoloh of Flatbush, Hatzoloh of Flatbush , Hatzoloh of Flatbush and then he gives big donations to United Hatzolah??? Why? Because their names are similar? Suppose he was helped by Tomchei Shabbos, would he give to Tomchei Torah? As a matter of fact I was recently helped by Chaveirim, and I’m so grateful that I’m now going to give a big donation to Lev L’achim.


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