A Day in the Daf


gemaraThis Thursday, September 11th, 2014, be a part of Daf Yomi history.

A beautiful and important full-color book is being planned to preserve for posterity A DAY IN THE DAF, a historic portrait of photographic impressions recorded on a single day around the globe of the Jewish people united through the study of the very same Daf (folio) of Talmud.

All Daf Yomi shiurim throughout the world are warmly invited and requested to take high-quality, extraordinary photographs of their Daf Yomi shiur in progress this Thursday, September 11th, the 16th of Elul, CHAGIGAH DAF GIMMEL, and to email them to adayinthedaf@gmail.com.

In order for the photographs to be eligible for consideration, they need to be high-resolution (minimum of 300 dpi) and of a professional and creative quality, either of the shiur as a whole or individual members engaged in Talmudic deliberation. Please include a brief caption describing the history of that particular shiur, the name and title(s) of the maggid shiur, and the location and time of the daily shiur, along with the name of the photographer to be credited. The sending of these images indicates legal consent on behalf of the visible participants of the shiur to have their photograph(s) included in both print and digital formats by the copyright holder of the work.

Please spread the word to as many people as possible, and let’s make history together.

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