Polish Delegation Arriving In Israel To Discuss Holocaust Law Feud


A delegation of the Polish government will arrive in Israel Wednesday in an effort to resolve the escalated row over its new controversial Holocaust law.

The bill, which fine Polish citizens who accuse Poland of complicity in the Third Reich’s crimes, has drawn a barrage of criticism from several governments including the US State Department and the French foreign ministry, while also sparking public debate in Poland, where the Israeli embassy noted an increase in anti-Semitic statements.

“The purpose of the dialogue is to preserve the historical truth and prevent harm to the freedom of research and expression,” an Israeli foreign ministry statement said.

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  1. sorry Mr Poland but you can ask the “remaining” Polish citizens as to how many Jews were “murdered” by Poles during and even after WWII – YOU CAN NOT DENY THE FACTS and your “bill” will not erase HISTORY.


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